Monday, August 5, 2013

Another blog?

So this is I think the fifth blog I've begun. I do the same thing with journals. I start one and with one "theme" in mind and then get sick of it and start something new. I'm *planning* to keep up with my other blog here:
for my personal thoughts and endeavors. 

My goal is to use Simply Sixth to document my journeys in teaching sixth grade. I feel like there aren't enough plain old sixth grade blogs out there, so I'm going to try to throw in my two cents'.

I absolutely love writing and creating resources for my classroom. The only problem is I'm afraid of failure and looking foolish in the process. Ridiculous I know. So I'm hoping I can use this blog to get over that nonsense and share some of my passion for the teaching profession with the rest of the world...or at least with the rest of the blogosphere.

I'm going to try my best not to be a copycat of the other teaching blogs and writing styles out there, but you know how that goes.

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