Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Made It


Phew! What a day...I'm seriously out of practice in being busy outside of the house. I was gone for like a grand total of seven or eight hours today and feel like it was fifteen hours away from home. PATHETIC! I better get used to it when school comes around again. Those are some loooong days!

I spent the bulk of my time in my classroom rearranging, making to-do lists, chatting on the phone with a co-worker who was in the same building, weeding out junk, organizing, etc. It was fun. I really don't have a ton of work in my classroom that I HAVE to do before Orientation night which is two weeks from tomorrow. I do have a ton of planning that I want to get done before I get distracted by putsing around in my room.

The things I made today took little to no effort. We're on a tight budget right now as we pay off debt the Dave Ramsey way, so I didn't really have any money at the moment to go out and buy craft supplies.

Here's what I made:

Digital Paper from: Graphics by The Hazel Owl @”

I got this idea from this post . I think I saw it somewhere else too, but I can't remember where. I took it to our school's print shop to get laminated and plan to hang it on the bulletin board behind my desk once it's laminated. I'm then planning to fill in the blanks using wet-erase markers every time I start a new book. I'm hoping it keeps me accountable to read more during the school year. There's always one student who will pester you if you don't update something like this.

I also downloaded this freebie from TpT to replace my very sorry-looking behavior clip chart that I had made a few years ago. It was getting super faded and needed an upgrade. So I printed it out, trimmed it to size, glued it together, and took it to our print shop to be laminated. I couldn't decide whether or not to do this with card stock. I didn't have any at home where I printed it, and I didn't want to mess with putting a sturdier back on it. We'll see how it holds up. I can always buy some card stock and reprint later.

Here's a look at the sorry state of my faded original clip chart:

Here's the new one glued together (ignore the un-vacuumed carpet):

Chart from : Free to Teach

I just realized this new chart is smaller than my old chart. Oops. I think I like it that way though. I might be more consistent in using it. Does anyone else have a hard time consistently using their behavior management system? The nice thing about this freebie is it also came with some masters for documenting behavior for Parent Contact. I think I will use them and staple them to their assignment notebooks.

This last thing is what I made for Sunday dinner yesterday. Sooooooo good! It has kind of funky ingredients (as in you wouldn't normally put these things together), but it was super easy. Best of all, it was a crockpot meal. I do a crockpot meal almost every Sunday because we are usually at church for 4-5 hours on a Sunday morning and are FAMISHED when we get home. Plus, my hubby usually has to get to work pretty soon after we get home, so crockpot is the way to go!

Slow Cooker Maple Mustard Chicken

Click here for the link to the recipe.

So, it was a very productive day. I'm beat though. Phew. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to show you some of the anchor charts I saved from last year. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. My 5th graders saw my "currently reading" sign Friday and challenged me to a reading contest this year. Of course I said yes. Now I need to create a little something for that... Everything looks great.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

    1. I love the idea of a reading contest. I may have to do that as well!

  2. I am so making a currently reading sign now! Great idea! Your chicken looks delicious as well!

    Sixth Grade Tales
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  3. I love the sign. I think it's so important that kids see us as readers, too. Thanks for sharing!
    The Wild Rumpus


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